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Are you tired of the look of your place and want to add some kick in your interior or exterior? Or perhaps you needed an added room? Remodeling services is what you need. From commercial projects to major home renovations – we can finish perfectly any types of remodeling projects. We are experts in this field with our extensive years of experience, highly-trained workers, and professional customer service.

Elizabeth Remodelers is a full-service commercial and residential remodeling contractor serving the whole of Elizabeth New Jersey and its surrounding areas. If you’re in need of any remodeling, repair, or even renovation service, give us a call! We will help you put your dreams into reality!

If you’re from Elizabeth New Jersey, call us now and our friendly staff will attend to your inquiries immediately.


Why choose Elizabeth Remodeling Company?

If you’re from Elizabeth New Jersey and are looking for a professional and reliable remodeling service –  look no further! We will take care of everything!

Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of extensively experienced individuals who knows all the ins and out in this field. Also, expect to receive our professional opinion in every project - we want to make sure you get the most of every project.

we will meet your expectations

We know how it is important to listen to what our clients want - no matter how customized or even complicated, we will make a way to meet your expectations.


We value each and every relationship we have with our clients. We never overcharge them, we rectify sticky situations quickly, and we act responsibly by keeping the work site organized and clean.

Remodeling Services we offer

interior remodeling service hackensack new jersey
Interior Remodeling nJ

Be it your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any room in your home. We have the proper knowledge, creativity, and tools to build you a quality, attractive,and comfortable space

exterior remodeling service in elizabeth new jersey
Exterior Remodeling NJ

Draw people in your home with a lovely and improved look. Want to have one of the most attractive home in the neighborhood? Our specialist will help you achieve this!

home addition remodeling service in hackensack new jersey
Home Addition NJ

Are you running out of space in your home? Elizabeth Remodelers have the right professionals and equipment to help you build an extra stable room or space in your property.

painting remodeling service hackensack new jersey
Painting & Wall Covering NJ

Is your home looking dull? or perhaps you just want a new theme for your home? Starting with colors will make a big difference on the look of your home. We have the specialist who can deal with any kind of painting job!

carpentry remodeling service in hackensack New Jersey
Carpentry & Millwork NJ

Be it repairs, replacement, or installation of new windows, door, decks, and railings - Elizabeth Remodelers offer the best quality craftsmanship.

cabinetry remodeling service in hackensack new jersey
Cabinetry NJ

Cabinets can go a long way - they can give a big statement in one's home. Elizabeth Remodelers will provide you with the best designs of cabinets that will suit your home!

Get in touch with the best Commercial and Home Renovation Contractors in NJ

What our services offer

Knowledgeable Team

You will never have to worry with what our team can take. The extensive years of experience of our professionals make them reliable in every remodeling job.

Proper tools & equipment

Over the years, our company has invested in the proper tools and equipment that we know will improve our work and produce high-quality results.

creative Designs

We are not just knowledgeable with the processes and methods of remodeling - we have a creative side that will help you come up with designs to suit your property.

You deservce only the best

Get the most of what you will pay for – best remodeling job, reasonable price, friendly professionals, and met expectations. Hire Elizabeth Remodelers – we will never fail you!