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5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

Aside from utility, the most crucial factor when looking for kitchen remodeling ideas is that your investment endures the test of time. Every age seems to have its own set of kitchen rules, many of which don’t last more than ten years.

That’s a terrible way to spend your money, not to mention a letdown. So how do you spend money on a kitchen that will continue to be gorgeous years after it was built? Despite how trendy they may be right now, avoid trends and choose traditional simplicity instead.

Here are some pointers for getting a kitchen to remodel that will last for years to come:

1# Pay attention to white appliances

For a time now, stainless steel has been the fashion, and professional kitchens have long used it. Stainless steel is a material that is easy to maintain and may be said to never go out of style. The course of history, however, has not been stainless.


By a wide margin, white is the color that has truly withstood the test of time. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Survey, the most popular kitchen color is white. It has also been at the top of the list every other year.


For homeowners, this news is actually a blessing. Because white appliances are far less expensive than stainless steel ones, you can buy a better range and refrigerator than you could with stainless.

#2: Consider flooring's long-term durability.

There are some lovely possibilities for vinyl, which has been used for a very long time. But vinyl has a certain life expectancy as well, and it’s not a very long one. You’ll be happier if you consider durability in addition to aesthetic appeal.


In addition to being more comfortable underfoot than tiling, wood is likely to never go out of style. It can be stained and refinished decades from now and still look gorgeous, even under severe wear. If a tile is damaged, you will need to replace it.


Despite being new, wood has a sense of antiquity, according to MSN Lifestyle. Few other materials can anchor the space as they can.

#3: Avoid using granite counters

Like stainless steel, the stone is undeniably at its prime. But when you consider the aesthetics of granite, you can see how quickly this pricey but gorgeous material may start to look old. A more enduring and superior material option would be marble.


The majority of granite has distinct hues and patterns. But will you still want to live with them after 15 years? Perhaps, but perhaps not. Additionally, it’s a costly wager.


Consider Carrara marble for a traditional countertop. Compared to Calacatta marble, which has striking gray and white veining, this stone is very different. Carrara marble avoids the big fashion statement look with its milder grays and gentler whites. It’s not as pricey as granite and is only everlasting. It does stain, but granite does too, and sealants deal with that.

4#: Storage, storage, and more storage

Shaker-style cabinets are a favorite because their uncomplicated, elegant lines go with a variety of decorating styles, from comfortable rustic to modern urban. They are often a good choice for practically any home. But storage is more crucial than fashion.


There are many creative methods to furnish your kitchen, from open shelves and freestanding cabinetry to conventional built-ins, in home décor journals and online. Built-ins with a ton of useful storage space ought to prevail.


Look for space-efficient storage options like pull-out organizers to use every available square inch of space rather than outdated boxy cabinets that are nothing more than hollows and shelves. If those cabinets are reachable without a lazy Susan in the corner, there is no need for one.

5#: Observe the smaller details

No matter what you purchase, always select quality before appearance. The finer points are what matter and ensure that any kitchen will continue to appear lovely over time.


Examine the faucet’s seams and the wood joinery in your cabinets. Are they faultless or are there flaws? As you use both fixtures on a regular basis, you’ll be grateful that perfection is possible in both. Where there is a fault, separation is a possibility.


It can be tempting to pick a fixture that is aesthetically pleasing yet poorly manufactured. Sadly, those decisions frequently don’t stick. Spend a bit more, then, and get excellence where it matters.

One of the most expensive projects you can undertake is remodeling your kitchen, but according to This Old House, it’s also one of the projects with the best return on investment. By thinking classically rather than fashionably, you can significantly raise the value of your house and your standard of living.