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How to Prepare & Pack Your Kitchen for a Remodel

How to Prepare & Pack Your Kitchen for a Remodel

As you set up your temporary kitchen space, every kitchen remodel starts with a packing and purging party. Use this chance to carefully consider each item in your kitchen, and only keep the things you genuinely love and need! This is something we often suggest to our clients! Our own experience has taught us that it’s better to go through and organize your kitchen as soon as the remodeling process begins. Our preferred method is to remove every single item from your cupboards and drawers and determine whether it is valuable enough to keep. Yeah, it takes a lot of time and can be stressful, but it’s so worth it. Check this out.

Now that you’ve taken care of things, it’s time to get ready for your remodel and pack!

1. Choose the location of your makeshift kitchen.

As many of our clients stay at home while having their kitchens remodeled, it’s crucial that they have a modest space prepared to act as a makeshift kitchen. As every home (and family needs) are unique, we can definitely help you find a place in your house that is appropriate for this. Large utility sinks in laundry rooms are ideal, but an additional bathroom with a nearby prep area can also be used!

2. Put aside the items you’ll need for the renovation.

Keep only what is absolutely necessary inside! We advise having a coffee machine, a toaster oven, a microwave, and one piece of crockery, cups, and utensils for each individual living in your home. Plan ahead for those meals if you know you’ll be preparing some of them at home while you’re remodeling! Any food preparation you undertake beforehand will enable you to reduce your takeout costs.

As you will be handwashing everything you use, keep things simple. If you want to save the hassle of dishwashing, think about choosing compostable or recyclable disposals. It’s also a perfect opportunity to use up any mismatched party plates, glasses, and napkins that you may have remaining from previous gatherings.

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3. Make a plan for how you’ll store your kitchen’s contents while it’s being built.

To pack your extras, we advise utilizing small and medium-sized boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Your belongings are clean, secure, and organized when you pack! When everything is finished, don’t forget to mark your boxes so you can quickly arrange your kitchen.

4. Time for cleaning.

As many of our clients stay at home while having their kitchens remodeled, it’s crucial that they have a modest space prepared to act as a makeshift kitchen. Absolutely, we can assist you in locating a space in your house that is appropriate for this.

We advise packing up one category at a time to keep you more organized. To see what you have, take similar items out of your cabinets and drawers. Put aside and give the things you seldom use. If you never use them, there is no reason to store them! Here is some advice on how to get rid of each category:

Dispose of any tableware sets that you no longer use or adore. Take pictures and post them straight away if you plan to sell them! Check for chips and cracks in the set(s) you intend to keep since you want to get rid of those parts. Chips and fractured glazing might introduce undesirable microorganisms to your food (if not sanitized properly).

Serveware and other things for entertaining are frequently large and difficult to store. Examine your entertaining style and eliminate extraneous elements that don’t fit.

Mugs and promotional cups can be surprising and challenging to part with because they frequently have sentimental value. Pull everything out of the cabinets so you can view everything at once. Choose to keep the items that matter the most to you. If you have a collection of mugs, you might want to think about storing them somewhere else in your house or adding a display room when remodeling your kitchen!

Storage Containers: I’m often astonished by how quickly our Tupperware drawer fills up. When purging, I always start by figuring out which containers lack matching lids and then discard or give any such containers or lids.

Tiny Appliances: Do all of your devices and appliances fit your needs and way of life? Try to focus more on whether the item is valuable to you right now than on whether it might be useful in the future. This way, you can decide whether you actually enjoy the concept rather than merely the notion of employing it. Donate any appliances that weren’t chosen.

Add-ons: Reduce the number of extra objects you’ve been storing and discard anything that has outlived its usefulness (think warped spatulas, peelings nonstick pans, etc.).

5. Consider carefully what you keep.

Consider your current lifestyle and what you can expect in the near future if you’re having trouble determining what to part with. You’ll be so glad you spent the time to get rid of superfluous stuff before the redesign is finished and it’s time to move into your new kitchen. Less need to be packed, stored, and unpacked.

We’d want to know what kept you going during your kitchen renovation. Share in the comments, please! We hope that these ideas will benefit you as you plan your upcoming kitchen renovation. Contact our team to set up your appointment if you’re still seeking a contractor. Do you need suggestions on how to be ready for a bathroom remodel? We’ve got you covered!