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The Next Step: What Kind of Material Should You Pick for Your Front Steps?

The Next Step: What Kind of Material Should You Pick for Your Front Steps?

The front steps are probably one of the last items on your attention while you build or renovate your house. However, these staircases can negatively affect both the accessibility and the curb attractiveness of your house. For these reasons, you should pay close attention to your front stairs, especially throughout the installation procedure.

You must choose the material from which the stairs on your porch should be made if it is time to upgrade them. Exterior stairs are typically composed of concrete, wood, stone, or brick. Here is a summary of the various materials that may be used to create a front step and how to pick the outside stair that is best for your house.

Paver Steps

Brick front steps give your house a traditional look. Any exterior home paint color complements it well, and it looks wonderful next to vivid flowers and plants. Red bricks are a traditional option, but you can also choose from a wide range of other hues, such as pink, white, or brown.


Brick is a material that will last for a very long time. You won’t have to worry about maintaining the steps if they were installed by a qualified contractor because brick only needs occasional washing and repair.

Timber Steps

Wood is a timeless option for your front steps that will continue to look great for years. This material is incredibly adaptable, providing a wide range of color, shape, and size options. Additionally, it is very economical, allowing you to create a beautiful front porch without going over budget.


Choose pressure-treated cedar, pine, or redwood if you opt to install wooden steps to make sure they can survive the outdoors. Also noteworthy is the fact that wood stairs require more upkeep than brick ones. For instance, to stop rotting, you might need to paint the wood after installation.

Cement Steps

You can never go wrong with poured concrete front steps that have a straightforward appearance. It is durable and goes well with many different home designs. It is also reasonably priced, and because of its unremarkable exterior, your landscaping’s beauty will be highlighted.


Concrete block steps are an alternative to conventional poured concrete. These stairs come in a range of designs and materials, allowing you to select the one that most closely reflects the contemporary or rustic decor of your house.

Rock Steps

Consider stone steps if you dislike concrete steps but yet want something sturdy. Stone is a durable material that requires little upkeep over a long period of time and maintains its stunning appearance, especially when combined with other natural elements. When building your front stairs out of natural stone, you have the options of flagstone, fieldstone, and granite. To improve the look and safety of your property, our masonry contractors in Elizabeth, New Jersey, will make the installation process simple and guarantee that the stones are set appropriately.

How to Choose the Best Material for Your Front Steps by Asking the Right Questions

It’s time to reduce your alternatives now that you are aware of the advantages of each kind of material for your front stairs. When considering what kind of material to use for your front steps, consider the following questions:


What Exterior Finish Is Used on Your Home?

  • If your home is constructed of aluminum or wood planks, add some wooden steps to match the exterior.
  • Pick concrete steps if your home is brick for a stunning contrast.
  • Install stone steps with a texture and color that complement the stone finish on your home.


Will There Be a Lot of Traffic on Your Steps?

Will the main entrance to your property by the front door? If so, you might want to think about using brick or concrete as a sturdy material for your front steps. If your front stairs, however, will only be sporadically utilized, you can go for a more adornment-oriented material, like wood or stone.


The number of stairs the porch will require

If your front porch has three to eight steps, you should build the stairway out of concrete since it weathers the elements better than stone or wood. To make sure your porch steps satisfy the bare minimum safety criteria, always check the building codes for your municipality.


How Much Can You Spend?

You need to take your budget into account while selecting the best material for your front steps. The least expensive options are stairs made of wood or concrete, while steps made of stone will cost more due to the skill required to cut and install the material.

Invest in a Professional Installation to Take It One "Step" Further

Installing new front steps could drastically change the way your home looks from the outside. Contact Elizabeth Remodeling Company for expert installations rather than putting your safety and aesthetic appeal in danger by attempting the installation process on your own. We’ll work with you to determine the best material for your front steps and make sure it complies with all safety standards. Call us right now to make an appointment! In Elizabeth, New Jersey, we can also assist you in enhancing the exterior appeal of your house with prompt roof repairs.